Why I am doing it?

These are effects I observed. They probably start after like 2-3 weeks 10min a day.

  1. Low-anxiety – lowering both mild and deep-seated anxieties (anything from social anxiety, health anxiety, mild phobias, panic attacks)
  2. Wisdom – enhancing clarity and improving complex problem-solving (e.g. it's making me a better designer, it’s helping me with difficult decisions)
  3. Focus – Increasing patience and reducing the lure of immediate gratification (For example, I find myself less drawn to minor addictions like social media or casual snacking)
  4. Harmony – experiencing feelings of harmony, peace and acceptance (I feel more at peace; it instills a sense of correctness, grounds me in the present, and quiets the default part of homo-sapiens brain fixated on the next thing or seeking more)

How to meditate?

Take this two states of mind: being here and now and being immersed in thought.

  1. Close your eyes and focus on experiencing the here and now. What are the sounds? How are the sensations of your body? How does your own consciousness feel? How a cloud of sensations like emotions feels like? Focus on any input present input. There is no way of doing it wrong.
  2. Naturally, thoughts will come and take you away in the abstract space of no-time and no-place.
  3. Your task is to discover that you are consumed by thoughts and come back to here and now. Be kind to yourself. Everybody fails that. Accept that you will be failing it too and keep coming back.

(In order to feel any effects commit to 10min a day for two-three weeks)

Or just play my fav guided meditations:

My fav guided meditation

Smile by Tara Brach (26 min) I am guesstimating I did that one 150 times in my life, via Maria Popova

Other I like:

Calling on Your Awakened Heart by (24 min) Tara Brach

Framework to try meditation